Memoirs of a Spiritual Outsider

by Suzanne Clores

A personal journey along the paths of six very different, unconventional spiritual practices, including Wicca, Vodou, and Sufism, just to name a few. Part ethnography and part memoir, this search for meaning in a secular world is a companion for spiritual seekers of any tradition.


The Wisdom of the Saints

Edited by Suzanne Clores

Quote after quote after quote from the inspiring individuals we know as saints, mystics and bottisatvas. Heavy focus on the Catholic Saints, and some of the most poignant wisdom from those whose name you'll probably never hear again.


For Women Only

Edited by Suzanne Clores

Before there was Dr. Oz there was Gary Null, a health guru who teamed up with women's health journalist Barbara Seaman for a 900 page reference book that overhauls body and mind. Entries from Naomi Wolf, Susan Brownmiller and Gloria Steinam shine light on women's socio-political standing throughout the years, while Null's dietary supplement advice points them towards a future of good health.